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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Applejack's Hat is Missing

Twilight was studying as usual on a beautiful sunny day. She pulled one book after another as her research became more intense.

Spike sat on the steps muttering to himself with his arms folded knowing full well the he was the one that had to put all those books away, Twilight lightly put her book down and tilted her head back and closed her eyes and took a deep breath and smiled she half opened her eyes and looked at spike "whew, I haven't studied like that is some time spike I think I should take a break" she got up on all fours and arched her back and yawned.

She headed up the stairs and looked back at spike as she smiled "could you be a dear spike and put away tease books for me, I'll give you some gems for doing such a good job for me" she said, spike grumbled to himself and thought to himself I knew it.

Twilight looked at herself in the mirror and noticed her mane was quite a mess she brushed it gently and put down the brush, she walked over to the balcony and opened the doors she took a beep breath and could smell the fresh air and the smell of fresh cut grass, it relaxed her, just as she thought about going back to her studies she could see something in the distance, a dust cloud, she thought it was another stamped again but something was different, there wasn't enough noise and not enough dust, she put her eye the telescope to get a better look, she focused it she could see it was applejack heading into town full speed, alone.
Something was off with her, she could see tears in AJ's eyes, Twilight gasped and headed down the stairs and out the door, Spike didn't know what happened and didn't get a chance to say anything and dropped the books he was holding and ran after Twilight.

Applejack stopped at the edge of town with tears still streaming down her cheeks she started to look around, under rocks, in the fountain in flower pots and questioned other pony folk that happen to come by she became more desperate in searching for something that she plowed into Twilight, they both fell to the ground with a thud, they both shook it off as spike chuckled to himself "Spike that isn't funny we could had been really hurt" she said sternly, "sorry Twilight" he said.

Applejack shook her head and looked up and Twilight with tears still streaming down her cheeks, her cheeks red from running and crying, Twilight walked over to AJ and pressed her cheek to hers to comfort her "it's ok AJ, what's the matter?" Twilight said softly.

AJ's lip started to quiver and said quietly "my hat is missing sugar cube", Twilight didn't really understand why her hat was just so important that put AJ in a panic.

"I don't understand Applejack what's so important about your hat? Because I've hardly ever seen you without it." Twilight said. As Applejack started to tell her tale Rainbowdash flew down to check out what was going on, she saw AJ running towards town and followed her, she landed beside Twilight "hey what's going on here?" she asked in a state of confusion "Applejack was about to tell me why her hat is missing" Twilight said.

Rainbow looked at the top of Applejacks head and rubbed her under her chin "oh yeah I knew something didn't look right about you AJ, so why is your hat so important?" she asked out of curiosity to, "well…" AJ wiped her nose with her leg "y'all see, that hat was my pa's hat. When I came back to the farm he was so pleased to see me come back that he put me on his back and trotted around the farm pleased as punch that I came home from the big city and havin' my cutie mark meant I was getting bigger and was old enough to do more on the farm. When he put me back on the ground he took the hat off his head and put it on me and said 'AJ your gettin' big and strong now. Soon you'll be able to help your brother and granny more, and knowin' you you'll go and do more then I ever dreamt on the farm here. Remember this AJ don't ever take that hat off and I'll always be there for you.' And I never did take it off, unless I'm sleepin'" she circled her hoof in the dirt as tears dripped into the sand "so you see it means a lot to me and my pa.." she looked up "..I just gotta find it y'all" she said with a quiver in her voice.

Twilight stood up on all fours "don't you worry Applejack we'll help you find your hat, Rainbowdash you search around the trees and anything that's higher, we'll take the ground and search around the buildings" they all nodded to each other and split up and search like they never did before.

They all searched everywhere they could think until Rainbow spotted something brown in a tree she smiled and dive bombed close to it and pushed some branches out of the way to get a better to she called for the girls "HEY it's over here" she called out.

Applejack and Twilight ran over to the tree and looked up excited; there it was upside down caught in a forked branch. Applejack danced in one spot "hurry Rainbowdash I can't wait" she said.

Rainbow flew down closed but stopped "um AJ, I can't bring you your hat.." she said with a concerned look on her face, Applejack with a puzzled look "why not Dash" she said stamping a hoof on the ground in frustration, but her ear perked up as she heard something coming from her hat, a mother bird had decided to use it as a nest, they all looked at the hat as the little peeps came from the hat.

"aw shucks I cant in good conscience take my hat with a family using" she lowered her head and closed her eyes as Twilight and Rainbowdash comforted her "tell you what Applejack let us take you for a ice-cream, you did a really noble thing" Twilight said. "Ya things will be ok AJ, your still the same pony girl even with out your hat" Rainbow said with a smile.

All three turned around and started walking to the ice cream shop, Applejack looked over her shoulder as the mother bird landed on the brim of the hat and feed her babies, Applejack smiled and turned back to her friends as they enjoyed the rest of the afternoon together.

Some time had past, Applejack was bucking some apple trees she wiped the sweat of her forehead and smiled looking at all the hard work she had accomplished, she looked at the ground for a moment she felt a the light thump on her head, she opened one eye and looked up, she could see the brim of her hat, she grabbed it off the top her head and laughed with glee and started to dance about. She stopped and looked up, it was the mother birds with her fully grown babies bringing back AJ's hat, "thank ya kindly" she said with a giggle and understood that they were finished it now that the babies were grown and left the nest.

The birds sang to AJ and flew off, AJ waved to them and put the hat back on her head and dashed off into PonyVille to tell her friends what happened.

The End
© Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Written By: Allen Hopper
Applejacks Hat is missing will she find it?
AntonyC Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
Wow. that's really good. :) I was expecting RD to want a fight with the bird for AJ's hat and for Fluttershy to show up and come the bird's defense. Heh, Comedy. But I liked the way it ended.
althebunny Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
aw thank you for the kindcomment, I wanted to be as kid friendly as I could, I like the ending to which suprises me LOL!

I was thinking doing some more but I dunno... if I get some really good feed back maybe ^_^
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